About Neil Cosmetics


Company ’ name : Peerakorsin Company Limited
Business nature : manufacture , import , export , and distribute Cosmetics and all types of beauty products and tools
Headquarter Location : 31 Soi Bangkuntien 1/1 Bangkhuntien Rd. Bangbon . Bangbon , bangkok 10150
Registration No : 0105548042083
Company ’s Director : Mr. Visit   Pakdeekobkul
Registered capital : Five million baht
Tel. : +66   2415   7540
Fax : +66   2415   7539
E-mail : [email protected]

Peerapkornsin co.,Ltd has deen established and registered under the Civiy and Commercial
Code of Thailand as a limited at 31 Soi Bangkuntien Rd., bangbon , Bangbon , Bangkok 10150.
The Company’ s main object is to distribute cosmetics and skincare products nationwide.


The company gives priority to customers. Apart from the main ingredients from herbs,
Hygiene and safety are also our main concerns. To ensure quality and safety, our products are
Manufactured with advanced equipment and devices and obtained certifications from Food and Drug
Administration (FDA)

Quality policy

We are committed to be one of leading companies in the country and in the region.
We aim to distribute the best and safest cosmetics and skincare products and deliver goods to
Our computer programs to record all details of our customers in order to provide good, Fast and
Traceable services

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